Due to Coronavirus and the onslaught of phishing scams related to it, we have decided to focus all efforts on our PhishSpider project. Please take advantage of a free scan and protect your employees and customers.

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What is EmotiScore?

The EmotiScore is a score from 1-10 that is based on the emotional impact of your website. Accessibility, sentiment & safety are the most important factors.  

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After knowing your initial score, the system recommends strategies to improve. Continous monitoring prevents bad surprises.

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Become a leader in accessibility.

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Learn about harmful errors before your users do!

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Never lose track by continuous monitoring and alerting

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Safety first!

Protect your users from phishing attacks!

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Potentially prevent expensive lawsuits.

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Detect hate speech early.

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Making the web accessible, hate-free and safe

With EmotiScore you gain valuable insight about your sites global impact

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Solving the industries biggest problems

Stay on top of accessibility, quality of speech (“hate-free” & positive), safety (phishing link detection) and more.

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Latest News

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