The clear winner is Apple!

RESULTS: Apple 9.5 vs Samsung 3.0

With a near-perfect score (9.5) , Apple shows that a global technology giant can also be a leader in inclusiveness. Despite being a very complex site their accessibility for visually impaired readers is one of the most flawless we have seen from a technology company. The site is also very fast, user-friendly and contains no racism, hate speech or links to sites that contain phishing links. If there would have not been a few slow links on their site, Apple would have scored a perfect 10!
Samsung (3.0) , however, surprises with completely ignoring accessibility. To our great surprise, the site of the technology behemoth from China contains many problems such as slow links and nearly zero support for disabled users. As a multi-billion-dollar company, social responsibility should not be an afterthought but front and center.
Apple is the clear winner in all measured areas whereas Samsung scores are worse than most measured larger tech companies. We are hopeful that the rise of global awareness will eventually lead to higher EmotiScores across all large companies.

In the next days, we will look at political candidates and their emotional impact on the web.

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EmotiScore provides a machine learning and data analytics platform that measures the potential emotional impact of a website by looking at factors like choice of words, accessibility for the disabled, quality and availability of provided links and more. We believe that public sites with thousands or even millions of users have an impact on social structures. Therefore they ideally lead the way by being examples of inclusiveness and safety for their users. They should also reflect as well as inform the corporate culture as we see organizations first and foremost as communities of fellow human beings providing a service to their fellow people. EmotiScore offers tools for measurements as well as contacts to partners to remedy issues such as accessibility concerns, web design and more. Following our motto “from awareness to action” we help businesses to identify where they stand today and create strategies leading to a perfect 10 if desired. You can find out your own EmotiScore for free here.