Why knowing your EmotiScore is important for your business!

A modern website should be:

  • Free of hatred and bullying
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Safe (not connected to phishing sites and similar)
  • Userfriendly and fast

EmotiScore automatically evaluates your site and creates a score from 1-10 to help you understand in which areas additional effort might lead to a higher score and thus a higher level of safety, inclusiveness and ultimately business success.

3.4 billion people share the Internet and its influence has grown from the #1 place where we shop, the #1 place where our social interactions take place and the #1 place where politics are being discussed and democracies are being lived in.
The information we post to the Internet is a direct mirror of society. It shows how we think and what we care for. Thus, what we display in social behavior is also that, that will be perpetuated across all of the population – online and offline. The way how we as adults present ourselves is the way our children learn as appropriate behavior. We as people need to grow in the awareness of the example we set. Are we seen as grown-ups that have life under control? Responsible for wielding our individual rights and power as members of a living democracy?
Are we, when we join together to form corporations, seen as powerful, yet deeply thoughtful and responsible citizen that carefully craft products and services for general benefit? Is this how we are seen? Is this after all, not how we would like to be understood?
We at EmotiScore believe it is time to rise to our own standards. To leave hypocrisy and ignorance behind, let go of blame and begin to do the right things, every time our decisions are becoming actions.
A great first step is to create Inclusive information about our goals, services, and products when publishing a site about our organization. Will it reflect inclusiveness or divisiveness, ignorance or thoughtfulness? EmotiScore helps to measure where you are right now and then guides you through the steps to create the best possible digital footprint for the age of rising consciousness. Together we can create a world of equality – let’s get started today.

EmotiScore also helps to increase your revenue by widening the reach of your site. By becoming more accessible, fast and functional, your search engine rankings will improve dramatically.