What we offer

A modern website should be:
* Free of hatred and bullying
* Accessible for people with disabilities
* Safe (not connected to phishing sites and similar)
* User-friendly and fast

Be open for

More than 30 million Americans live with disabilities. Make sure that your site is accessible to them.

Monitoring &

Receive alert messages the very moment problems are detected.

Continous Automated Testing

Learn about problems before your users do!

Safety first

Protect your users from phishing attacks!

Protect yourself from lawsuits

Protect yourself from lawsuits.


Receive qualified help, rectifying technical problems with your site

Continous Monitoring

Sign-up for our continuous monitoring. Our crawlers scan your site in frequent intervals, detecting problems as they arise and alert you of issues. Don’t let your cutomers tell you about problems. Always be first to know. 

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Accessibility testing, Hate-speech detection, Phishing link detection, Sentiment scoring, Link and site speed analytics